Fence Debate Continues


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What we all thought was a joke has turned out anything but as the fence around Dottyback Lake continues to grow. To refresh everyone on how this all started, Carmelo and Othello were once again arguing about the best style of picket fences as they attempted to repair General Maximo’s hut.

“I was so fed up with them arguing I suggested they should just race and build a fence around this lake and settle it once and for all. I should have kept my mouth shut for I am still trying to fix my hut myself” said General Maximo as I spoke with him earlier this morning.

I tried to contact Carmelo and Othello for comment but they refused. Interestingly when I asked each of the who was winning the race they both pointed to themselves.  Not getting any answers from them I opted to count the picket themselves, with out question Carmelo’s pointy pickets occupy the most of the fence.

As of this morning there were a total of 75 Carmelo’s pointy pickets installed with Othello managing only 25 of his rounded pickets securely installed. Who knows when this feud will ever conclude but for the sake of General Maximo I hope it is soon.


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