Baseball Stickers


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Stuart Rufio invited me over to his place to show me something “truly amazing”  he said.  If you know Stuart you know that he often has a different point of view when it comes to something being truly amazing.    No more then a second I arrived he pulled out his freshly designed sticker book and showed me the newest stickers in his collection.

I am always impressed with Stuart’s ability to hunt and track stickers down and this new set is no exception, but only one of the ten Major League Baseball stickers  newly added is what I consider truly amazing.  The one amazing sticker is of the old Cincinnati Red Stockings logo which now plays as Cincinnati Red.   While I thought it was cool that he found such an old sticker, Stuart felt the amazing thing about it was the fact the team’s name involved socks.

As I left I did ask him if he plans on donating them to Bingo night and quickly countered with only if I visit Helpful Soles and pick out a pair of shoes.  So if you see baseball stickers up for grabs at Bingo check my feet, chances are I might be wearing shoes.

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