Monday Mayor Message for April 18th


Dear all Bluffians  and visitors of Bluff Street,

This is your mayor speaking on this beautiful  Monday and I want to provide you all an update on what things to look forward to in the weeks ahead.

First things first sad to report that due to the renovations of the Robert’s Suites, the hotel in which all visitors stay during their visit, no visitors are able to enter into this year’s Hedron Cup.  But working with Salami Hoo we will make sure everyone outside of Bluff Street is able to receive regular updates.

Now let’s talk about the renovations a little bit.  We are scheduled to reopen Robert’s Suites this summer.  Not only will the rooms be larger but working with Nutmeg, we have wired the COS to each room which will allow visitors to play even more games on their browser then ever before. Using Nutmeg technology we have been designing a visitor badge that enables visitors to keep all their game information directly on the badge. The badge will serve double duty for it is also the key card for the visitor’s room.

Also Salami Hoo and Nutmeg are finishing up the beta tests for the visitors of Bluff Street to submit their FiveTwo list every night.  For those that are unfamiliar FiveTwo it is a tradition here on Bluff Street that every night we enter five things we are grateful for and two things that we are looking forward to.  In the morning an article in The Bluffian Echo is published that includes ten various entries.  Bluffians really enjoy it and we are excited to be able to launch a version for our visitors.  The location of the visitors version is and will launch by April 30th, 2016

Alright that about wraps us this Monday Mayor Message as always I will leave you all with a trivia fact.

Fact:  The suits on playing cards suits started out as being coins, cups, swords and sticks, with the suit of heart replacing the cups.  I will let you guess the others.

Bluff Street Office of The Mayor, Department of Communication

~The Mayor

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