Monday Mayor Message For May 2nd


Dear all Bluffians  and visitors of Bluff Street,

This is your mayor speaking on this beautiful  Monday and I want to provide you all an update on what things to look forward to in the weeks ahead.

First things first congrats to  Clarendon for winning the 2016 Hedron Cup.  I think we all agree how he managed to come from behind like that in the Aces in the Pot event was amazing to watch and changed the dynamics of the tournament.   Our hearts go out to Stuart who was one roll away from wining which would have been two consecutive wins in a row for the old caterpillar after Stuart scored an impressive 256 in Bowling Dice in the previous event.

Great news about our FiveTwo program.   Salami Hoo and Nutmeg have worked out the technical details and now folks living outside of Bluff Street can partake in our FiveTwo tradition by going to the website   As people submit their grateful lists,   the data will be sent over to The Bluffian Echo database (Don’t ask me how, Nutmeg tried to explain it but it was way over my head)  and their entries will be factored in the daily FiveTwo list where ten items are randomly pulled and published.

Salami Hoo wanted me to let everyone know that FiveTwo doesn’t contain any personal information and even he doesn’t know who wrote what.

As far as what is coming up.  Nutmeg has informed me that she and Pip wants to open up our amazing “Candle Wall”  to our friends living outside of Bluff Street, so I will be meeting up with them in the days and weeks ahead to go over how that will all work.

Alright that about wraps us this Monday Mayor Message as always I will leave you all with a trivia fact.

Fact:  In a standard 75 number bingo game. There are 552,446,457,061,129,000,000,000,000 different card combinations possible.

Bluff Street Office of The Mayor, Department of Communication

~The Mayor

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