FiveTwo for May 9, 2016


Editor in Chief of The Bluffian Echo. Inspiring young owl who's passion is following the rules and umpiring various games that occur on Bluff Street.

Daily FiveTwo is a Bluff Street tradition of listing Five things to be grateful for today and Two things to look forward to tomorrow.   The entries are then collected and every morning we publish ten random ones for all to read so we can start the day feeling inspired, thankful, and happy.

Below are ten things people are grateful for.

  • Indoor plumbing that works
  • Family stores
  • My Mother for fueling my passion
  • Veterans
  • Books to Read
  • Police Officers

Thanks for everyone who submitted their Daily FiveTwo last night.   Don’t forget to submit today’s list.  Bluffians you may to do so through your COS tablet; For everyone else living outside of Bluff Street, please visit to submit your list.

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